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The Legal Landscape is a Minefield. Mike Kimball is Your Metal Detector.

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Starting, owning, and operating a business today is challenging. If you want to stay in compliance and protect your assets, you’ll need legal services that range from due diligence to contract reviews to counsel for your future plans. That said, you may not need (or even want) a full-time in-house attorney.

There’s a better choice for business owners who want to avoid the limitations of online DIY legal platforms and the big invoices that come with big-name firms. You can choose Mike Kimball Law for a balanced, insightful, cost-effective approach.

Mike works alongside visionary entrepreneurs and innovators who want to bring big ideas to life. Those ideas may require intellectual property licensing, new corporate formations, or other legal solutions that should be handled by a proven attorney who understands your goals and how you want to achieve them.
Reach out to Mike now to discuss your company’s legal needs and your plans for the future. The answers you need are just a phone call away.

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Innovators In Emerging Markets

Get fractional general counsel to protect your IP and spur growth



Trust the attorney who delivers for industry leaders & visionaries


VC Firms & Angel Investors

Avoid legal bottlenecks & overcome obstacles with responsive support


Small & Mid-Sized Business Owners

Fuel your company’s future with unique, personalized legal solutions

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