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If you run a local retail store or a sprawling multinational organization, sound legal advice is essential. And if you’re ready to make a big move like a merger, acquisition, or investment, legal snags caused by contracts, compliance, or conflicts of interest can cripple your progress before it starts.

Further, if you’re in a highly-regulated or emerging industry, spending all of your time cutting through red tape can dull your competitive edge.

If legal challenges are holding up your big plans, you need an attorney who understands the big picture and speaks the language of innovation. You need Mike Kimball.

For decades, Mike has delivered successful outcomes by supporting innovators and entrepreneurs with unique, personalized legal services. He has built a reputation as The Innovation Attorney by partnering with forward-thinking businesses like Yahoo!, Google, Salesforce, and other industry leaders in growing markets like SaaS and biotech.
Reach out to Mike for a conversation about your company’s goals and legal needs. You’ll get more than answers – you’ll get the solutions your company needs to thrive.

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Corporate Formations

Choose a lawyer who will deliver results, not roadblocks

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Venture Finance

Secure funding & ensure compliance with experienced counsel

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IP Licensing

Keep control of your creations & safeguard against copycats

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Tech Transactions

Get an attorney who “gets tech” for successful tech deals

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Make the right deal at the right time with the right lawyer

Succession Planning

Rely on expert counsel to make wise decisions that will last

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SaaS Agreements

Protect your data and keep your company on a solid footing

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General Legal Transactions

Overcome legal obstacles with creative but practical solutions

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Biotech Law

Maintain your competitive edge with a proven legal partner

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