What Are Clients Saying About Mike Kimball?

“Can’t say enough good things about Mike. Thorough and highly competent, great contributor and problem solver.”

“Michael is a great person to work with. He's not only knowledgeable and helpful, but he's able to explain the concepts and interpret the "legaleze" in a way that makes sense.”

“Michael has the valuable and often all-to-rare ability to understand both the legal and business side of the topic at hand and toss in some critical thinking when necessary. I always appreciated knowing I could count on either fast answers and options with Michael.”

“It is with absolute delight that I highly recommend Mike, his superb problem solving and legal skills where well known at Yahoo! Legal. Mike was definitely the go to deal lawyer with terrific practical knowledge and fast response time to difficult questions raised; Having worked in a number of sophisticated Corporate legal departments Mike really is a stand out player and any Company would be served well utilizing Mike's broad skills of legal expertise!”

“Mike was a great partner. Rather than saying “this is how it is – comply,” Mike took a pragmatic view which was immensely helpful. He would think through risks and identify potential pitfalls. He would explore the texture of a given situation so that the right tradeoffs could be made with full knowledge of the law. Mike also had a knack for making potentially dry topics interesting and meaningful. I enjoyed working with Mike.”

“Mike provided exceptional counsel and insight on deal structure, understood revenue implications, and was proactive in field support. He knows when and how to push back to achieve the right outcome. Mike adds a business dimension to his excellent legal skills and helps craft winning negotiations. He is extremely hard working and committed to getting the job done, even in unrealistic timeframes. I enjoyed working with Mike and learned a great deal from him.”

“I have hired Michael Kimball for personal as well as business related law interests. He is both extremely effective and efficient in managing multiple tasks, all the while accomplishing very detail oriented projects delivering on time and exceeding expectations. I sincerely recommend Mr. Kimball without reservation and with the highest degree of confidence.”

“If you're starting a small business and need legal support or information give Mike Kimball a call. I've always found him friendly and helpful. He patiently answers questions, and is good at explaining the details - even the second time. He works quickly and doesn't waste your time. His goal is that you make informed decisions that are in your business' best interest. As your attorney, he's your advocate.”

“Mike has a keen ability to get to the bottom of a situation quickly to identify and address issues. He has a broad grasp of legal and business matters and is a highly skilled negotiator and drafter. A very well-rounded and down to earth person with a great sense of humor to boot. I highly recommend Mike.”

“I worked closely with Michael for several years structuring, negotiating, and executing dozens of business development deals for Yahoo's Small Business group. His strong business acumen, firm but fair negotiating style, and knack for choosing the right battles make him one of the best transaction attorneys with whom I've ever worked.”

“I worked together with Mike on a number of difficult, high-stakes deals. I was impressed by how Mike's judgment remained level-headed, even as our eyes grew bleary and deadlines loomed. As an outsider to the company, I had brief glimpses into Mike's relationship with senior management. I recall the sense of trust they had in him, even in cases where the easy way out would have been to ignore his advice. Mike's judgment and tact are crucial qualities in in-house counsel that are rare gifts.”


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