Corporate Compliance Insights: Job Hunting and Mentoring

As a business owner, you have chosen a leadership role. This leadership is a significant part of who you are, and not just a business role that you play from 9 to 5. So invariably, contacts will come to you seeking advice on their job search.

Even if it feels like a bit of a chore, helping your contacts can often help you establish yourself as an industry leader. So why not give these interactions a bit of your time and energy? These tips can help create a win-win: you can be helpful while at the same time boost your reputation and business karma.

If you only have a few minutes…

  • Review the contact’s resume or LinkedIn profile, and offer your feedback.
  • Focus on the positive, so your friend feels encouraged.
  • Ask a few pertinent questions about the type of position they seek.
  • Casually inquire with your peers who might be hiring.
  • Assure your acquaintance you will contact them if you hear of a position that suits them.
  • Offer to share their name with recruiters, or send them relevant information to which you might be privy.

If you have a bit more time…

  • Make more detailed suggestions regarding the contact’s resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Ask for permission to make an introduction to another business leader who might have a relevant open position.
  • Practice a few interview questions with the contact.
  • Offer more in-depth insight on trends within your industry, regarding hiring or skills that are considered desirable at the moment.
  • Write a recommendation on LinkedIn or offer your information to be used as a personal reference.

If you have time to invest in mentorship with this person…

  • Invite them to attend a networking event with you.
  • Schedule a chat to sit down and discuss the culture at your company and help them learn what you’re looking for.
  • Share some information on a resume or cover letter.
  • Invite them to personally contact you via phone or email, to share further support during their search for a position.

As a leader in your industry, your energy is finite. You must dispense it wisely. Mentorship can be highly rewarding, plus, it’s hard to say no to a fervent job seeker. But you must also respect your own energy and time constraints.

When opportunity arises, check with yourself first, to determine how much time you can realistically offer to a hopeful contact. Then, pull from these tips in order to make your plan.


Picture of Michael Kimball, Esq.

Michael Kimball, Esq.

Mike Kimball offers practical, timely, and economical legal solutions that move projects along and allow you to focus more on your core business objectives. He has years of experience partnering with companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups to firms in aerospace, biotech, construction, and many more. Mike’s in-house experience includes Yahoo!, Krux Digital (acquired by Salesforce), and Commerce One. He has worked on transactions with Eurostar, Red Bull, Major League Baseball, NASDAQ, Goldman Sachs, Liveramp, Amazon, and NASCAR.